Managing Principal of Healthcare Performance Inc., a business development practice based in Atlantic Beach, FL, and Chief Development Officer of WeCare TLC, an onsite clinic firm based in Lake Mary, FL, Brian Klepper is a health care analyst, consultant and commentator with broad experience and relationships.

An active author and speaker, Brian has provided health care commentary to CBS Evening News, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, and has published articles in Medscape, the New England Journal of Medicine, Modern Healthcare, Business Insurance, HealthLeaders and newspapers nationally.

In December 2010, Brian founded a new national health care professional magazine and forum, Care & Cost. In February 2011, he established a new site focused on facilitating the replacement of the Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) and the American Medical Association's RVS Update Committee, both of which are at the heart of American health care's cost crisis.

He has been and continues to be a regular columnist on several widely read expert health care sites, including Kaiser Health NewsThe Health Care Blog (hosted by Matthew Holt), Health Policy and Marketplace Review (hosted by Bob Laszewski) and The Doctor Weighs In (hosted by Dov Michaeli and Patricia Salber).

He is an Aspen Institute Health Forum Fellow, serves on the Board of the Lundberg Institute, is an Advisory Board member for the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, which advocates for medical homes, and is one of two non-physician Board members of the Consortium for Southeast Hypertension Control (COSEHC), a physician group dedicated to translational medicine for vascular disease. He is also an advisor to the Center for Value Health Innovation.

Managing Principal, Healthcare Performance, Inc., Atlantic Beach, FL, 2007-Present, 1990-2000.
Chief Development Officer, WeCare TLC, LLC, Lake Mary, FL May 2008-Present.

Founding Director, The Center for Practical Health Reform (NFP), Atlantic Beach, FL, 2000-2007.

Board Member, Consortium for Southeast Hypertension Control (COSEHC), Kingsport, TN
Fellow, Aspen Institute Health Forum, Aspen, Colorado
Advisor, The Lundberg Institute, Los Gatos, CA
Advisor, ABC Codes, Albuquerque Advisor, WeCare TLC, Lake Mary, FL

Editor, Medpedia.
Editorial Board Member and Reviewer, Medscape Journal of General Medicine, Emdeon, NYC Contributing Editor, The Health Care Blog, Matthew Holt (host), San Francisco
Columnist, Health Policy and Marketplace Review, Robert Laszewski (host), DC
Columnist, The Doctor Weighs In, Patricia Salber MD (host)
Columnist, Health Commentary, Mike Magee MD (host)
Columnist, Health Wonk Review, Rotating Editors.

Principal, Healthcare Performance, Inc. 
HPI is a health care business development/problem-solving practice that provides counsel and assistance to organizations on market dynamics and positioning, visibility and relationshp development. Dr. Klepper is lead representative in all client interactions, and oversees all work product development and delivery.

Founding Director, Center for Practical Health Reform, Atlantic Beach, FL.
CPHR was a broad-based non-partisan, national advocacy organization that worked to re-establish stability and sustainability to American health care. CPHR was closed in October 2007, though I continue to work on national reform issues privately.

Managing Principal, Healthcare Performance, Inc., Jacksonville, FL.

EDUCATION (All at the University of Florida, Gainesville)
Ph.D. Speech Physiology/Acoustics, 1985
M.S. Speech, Hearing, Language Science, 1982
B.A. Literature, History Of Ideas, 1974

My writing is directed to decision makers. I try to educate, stimulate thought and precipitate change. (Approximately 50 articles prior to 2002 are not listed.)

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Pain or Disaster,” Video Commentary, NCI Talk at the Integrated Delivery Network Summit, Orlando, 9/06/06.

At this point the majority of my posts appear on at least six different popular health care web sites. Five of those sites are targeted at health care professionals; the other is aimed at consumers.

Can We Fix America's Health Care Reimbursement System, Kaiser Health News, Pending.
The Politics of Scarcity, Kaiser Health News, 2/11/11 (with Larry Arrington) 
Quit the RUC, Kaiser Health News, 1/20/11 (with David C. Kibbe)
The Obama Team's Success in Health IT, Health Affairs Blog (with David C. Kibbe), 1/13/11.
Five Inevitable Trends That Will Change Physician Practices, iPractice, 1/12/11.
Why The Holocaust Exhibition Should Be Part of Everyone's Experience, Florida Times-Union, 1/10/11


Will Social Networks Become A Foundation Of Effective Health Systems?, 12/20/10

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Really Managing Care and Cost, 3/22/10
Vote Yes, 3/20/10 (with David C. Kibbe)
The Surprise, 3/15/10
Why Rush Vendor Certification of EHR Technologies, 3/06/10 (with David C. Kibbe)
After the Failure of Reform, 3/01/10 (with David C. Kibbe)
The Silver Lining, 1/2010 (with David C. Kibbe)
EHRs for a Small Planet, 1/09/10 (with David C. Kibbe MD)
A Special Edition of Health Wonk Review - American Health Care Reform: Observations from Health Care Analysts, 1/07/10

2009: A Year of Surprises and Change for the EHR Technology Market, 12/06/09 (with David Kibbe MD)
The Health Internet vs. the NHIN: A Matter of Cost, Control and Timing, 11/19/09 (with David Kibbe MD)
Will Business Force Reform Back to the Drawing Board, 11/13/09 (with David Kibbe MD)
Saving Health Care, Saving America, 10/30/09 (with David Kibbe, Robert Laszewski and Alain Enthoven)
A Message For America’s Physicians: Purchasing EHR Technologies a Shakey State of Affairs, 10/28/09 (with David Kibbe MD)
Why Standards Matter 2: Health IT Enters a New Era of Regulatory Control , 10/14/09, (with David Kibbe MD)
Will Republicans Be Spoilers or Problem-Solvers on Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform's Deeper Problems, 8/27/09 (with David Kibbe MD)
Why Standards Matter (1): The True Meaning of Interoperability, 8/17/09 (with David Kibbe MD)
Why Congress Should Consider Bob Laszewski's Health Care Affordability Model, 7/9/09.
Behind the Curtain: Wendell Potter on the Health Industry's Management of Care and Reform, 7/10/09.
A Dream of Reason, 6/22/09
The Health Industry's Achilles Heel, 6/10/09
Bringing Patients into the Discussion About Meaningful Use, 5/21/09. (with David Kibbe MD).
An Open Letter (3) to the New National Coordinator for Health IT: Certification as the
Elephant in Health IT's Living Room
, 5/6/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)

An Open Letter (2) to the New National Coordinator for Health IT: Opening the Aperture of Innovation, 4/22/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)
An Open Letter to the New National Coordinator for Health IT (1): Untying HITECH's Gordian Knot, 4/16/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)
A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy: The Continuity of Care Record Gains Ground As A Standard, 4/10/09
Will CIGNA Remake the Health Plan Marketplace? 3/30/09.
Is the Health Care Economy Rightsizing? 3/11/09.
Five Recommendations For An ONC Head Who Understands Health IT Innovation, 3/06/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)
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Let's Reboot America's Health IT Conversation 1: Putting EHRs in Context, 1/5/09, (with David Kibbe, MD)

An Open Letter to the Obama Health Team, 12/15/08, (with David Kibbe, MD)
Small Business Coverage: A Report from the Trenches, 11/25/08.
America's CEOs Set Priorities for Obama Administration, 11/21/08.
Two Mea Culpas, 11/19/08.
The Changes We Need, 11/18/08.
Can Health Plans Explain Why They Aren't Re-Empowering Primary Care?, 10/30/08.
An Impending Hanging: Will Health 2.0 Be Compromised by the Economic Downturn, 10/21/08. Health Care and The Broader Economic Crisis, 10/02/08
Chastened and More Sober, Harry and Louise Return, 8/21/08
From Description to Action: The Future of Health 2.0 Tools , 7/28/08
Health Systems’ Ferocious Challenges, 7/22/08
Is Meaningful Health Care (Or Any Other Kind Of) Reform Possible, 7/17/08
More on Physician Reimbursement, CMS, and the AMA’s RVS Update Committee, with Roy Poses MD, 5/08/08
A Hat Tip to Pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock, 5/2/08
The State of Employer-Sponsored Coverage, 4/29/08
An Open Response To HHS Secretary Leavitt on Medicare Physician Data Transparency, with Michael Millenson, 4/22/08
The Security of Patient Data, 4/08/08
Knowledge Like Clear Water: Muir Gray on Health Care’s Progress, 4/07/08
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Families USA Health Action 2008: Berwick on Everything Health Care, 1/28/08
Families USA Health Action 2008: Anthony Fauci MD on Global Health, 1/28/08
Families USA Health Action 2008: Tom Daschle on Health Care Reform, 1/28/08
Families USA Health Action 2008: Nancy Pelosi’s Health Care Address, 1/24/08
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The Politics of Publicly Funded Health Care, 1/03/08
An Eater’s Manifesto: “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” 1/02/08

Health Care Quote of the Year, 12/21/07
Business As Usual: California’s Reform Proposal, 12/20/07
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What Obesity Really Costs, 10/16/07
Aspen Report 2 – Healing Unbound: The Promised of Advancing Computational Power, 10/15/07 Health 2.0 and the Promise of Market-Based Reform, 10/15/07
Aspen Report 1 – A Rage To Know: A Few Days at the Aspen Health Forum, 10/14/07
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Confessions of a Walking Fool, 8/28/07.
Health Care’s Tougher Problem, 8/27/07.
Another Step Toward Transparency, 8/27/07
What Are They Thinking: ONCHIT and RTI, 8/24/07
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Benign Neglect and the Nursing Shortage, 8/21/07
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Essential Reading: Laszewski on Rove and Medicare D, 8/17/07
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In McDonalds vs. Kids, Guess Who’s Ahead, 8/16/07
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Managed Care Redux, 8/15/07
It Dawned on the New York Times Too, 8/14/07
Brokers: Why They Feel Their Commissions Are Justified, 8/14/07
Brokers: A Price Above Rubies, 8/13/07
Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine: Transparency and Health Care Power Shifts, 8/9/07
We Must Be Stupid, Stupid, Stupid: Mega Life and Health, 8/1/07
Don’t Invite Anyone From Health Care, 7/29/07
Mr. Bush’s Health Care Reform Proposal, 7/25/07
Crabby Doctors and the Explosion of Big Practices, 7/22/07
Should We Have Health Care Performance Transparency? By Whom? And How? 7/19/07
To An Engaged Life, 7/18/07
To Fix Health Care, Fix America First, 7/16/07
Those Crazy Californians: This Time Its Childhood Obesity, 7/14/07
Management Case Study: Virginia Mason, 7/14/07
Crimes and Punishments: Zheng and Crawford, 7/12/07
Why Its Unlikely That We’ll Curb Obesity and Diabetes, 7/10/07
Mr. Orszag’s Surprise, 7/6/07
Heartened, 7/5/07
RHIOs: Translators in Health Care Babel, 6/24/07
The Cognitive Dissonance of Conflicted Care, 6/15/07Breakfast of Champions: A Response To Nobelist Daniel McFadden’s Wall Street Journal Article on Health Care Dynamics, 3/3/07
Can Consumerism Save Health Care, 2/27/06
Where is that Tipping Point, 8/09/05
Klepper on Porter, 3/20/05

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